AP Physics 1

This course includes topics both in classical and modern physics. It is equivalent to a first-semester college course in algebra-based physics. The content covered in this course will be kinematics in both one and two dimensions; Newton’s Laws and forces; circular motion;  work, power, and energy; impulse, momentum and collisions; rotational kinematics and dynamics; simple harmonic motion; waves and sound. ).

Current or past enrollment of FST (Honors level) is required for the course. Knowledge of algebra and basic trigonometry is required for the course. Performing inquiry-based investigations and understanding of the basic principles involved and the ability to apply these principles in the solution of problems is a major goal of the course. Consequently, the course will utilize guided inquiry and student-centered learning to foster the development of critical thinking skills.

This course is focused on a series of learning objectives that clarify the knowledge and the skills students should demonstrate to promote a more engaging and rigorous experience for AP students. Each learning objective combines the physics content with one or more of seven foundational big ideas in physics.

Inquiry-based investigations will be emphasized for this course. Students will develop and use physics knowledge by applying it to the practice of science inquiry. These investigations will foster student engagement in the practice of science through experimenting, analyzing, making conjectures and arguments, and solving problems in a collaborative setting, where they direct and monitor their progress toward an academic goal.

This is a rigorous course with selected lecture times. Benchmark assessments, variable lab times, and classroom summative assessments will be used. Inquiry-based investigations and appropriate scientific reasoning will be used as a guide in learning the concepts.This course provides a foundation in physics for students in the life sciences, pre-medicine, and some applied sciences, as well as other fields not directly related to science. This course is designed to prepare the student to take the AP Physics 1 Examination.


HN Chemistry and Departmental Recommendation; Past or Concurrent Math Course: HN FST

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