Mastering Media: From the Page to the Digital Age

Mastering Media: From the Page to the Digital Age is a full year course that will introduce students to a variety of communication topics, including (1) media, (2) video, and (3) presentation techniques. Students will complete 12-week rotations through each of the three components. Each rotation will engage students in study and hands-on projects. This course will provide foundational skills and content needed for work in other classes in the high school and serve as a prerequisite to upper-level electives in the area of communications. This course is open to all students in grades 9-12; however, students who have already taken Introduction to Video or Speech as electives are not eligible.

In the media cycle, students will study print, broadcast, and digital media, focusing on the evolution, ethics, and expression (informing, persuading, entertaining) of each form of media while connecting it to culture. In the introduction to video cycle, students will be introduced to the basic camera and editing procedures as well as shooting techniques and creating shot sequences. Students will apply that knowledge to create a commercial and music video. In the presentation techniques cycle, students will practice preparing and delivering in various forms of expression: informing, persuading, and entertaining. They will also practice using presentation software effectively, preparing students for future presentations in their classes throughout high school. 

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