IB History of The Americas 12 HL

Offered to those students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program and IB certificate students, this two-year course is a combination of college level U.S. history and key topics in Canadian and Latin American history. As juniors, the students explore the early history of the Americas through the 20th Century. Topics include the American Revolution, Latin American Revolutions, slavery, the Civil War, and foreign and domestic policies of the Americas in the 20th Century. The senior year is a contemporary look at the Americas as they relate to the global community. Students will do an in-depth study to prepare for their exam topics while studying the World Wars, 20th century revolutions, the Cold War, and modern issues in politics and foreign affairs. Students enrolled in this course must take the IB exam at their own expense and complete a summer assignment for both years.


IB HOA 11th Grade

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