Shaping the Modern World II

Shaping the Modern World II addresses the fundamental questions for major regions of the world:
What are the most distinguishing physical and political geographic features of this region?
What are the historical, geopolitical and cultural factors that continue to produce challenges and conflicts in this region?
How are the regions of the world interconnected?
To answer these critical questions, themes will be explored in each region: history, culture, physical geography, politics, and economics. Regions to be studied include Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Shaping the Modern World II will begin with a survey of major historical concepts and trends that will have impacted the development of the regions outlined above. This second installment of the Shaping the Modern World sequence will encourage students to examine the interconnections between places and people as well as the narrative of the human experience in the modern world with an understanding of the larger historical context.



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