IB French 5 SLHL12

Although this course is taught at the Higher Level, students have the option to sit for the Standard or Higher Level IB Exam. This two-year course emphasizes the development of communicative language proficiency. The world language is the primary means of communication in this class which focuses on authentic language skills. These skills are practiced in a context centered on authentic language materials, oral and written reactions to these materials, an oral proficiency-based text, as well as partner/group interactions and individual/group presentations. A thorough review of grammar is also completed. This course is designed for the intellectually curious and hard-working student who, as a self-starter, is expected to progress quickly and become quite proficient in a second language while still in high school. The curriculum is designed so that the students consider issues of a human and global nature, such as the significance of family, the nature of culture, the environment, etc. Discussions on such topics are numerous and are the highlight of the curriculum. Students are evaluated according to both IB and USC standards. Moreover, the use of writing and speaking portfolios will assist the students in recognizing and valuing their own progress. This course is designed for students interested in the full IB Diploma Program or in a more challenging course than Honors French 4 or Honors French 5. An IB Individual Course Certificate will be earned after successful IB test results. Students enrolled in this course are required to take either the standard or higher level IB exam at their own expense.


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