IB English A: Literature HL12

(Higher Level – 12th Grade-YEAR TWO of Two Year Course)

The English A: Literature program, an honors level program, encourages students to see literary works as products of art and their authors as craftsmen whose methods of production can be analyzed in a variety of ways and on a number of levels. This goal is achieved through the emphasis placed on exploring the means used by different authors to convey their subjects in the works studied. The World Literature studied in the English A: Literature program is important to IB students because of its global perspective and its ability to foster open-mindedness through contemporary and mature themes. It is envisaged as having the potential to enrich the international awareness of IB students and to develop in them the attitudes of tolerance, empathy, and a genuine respect for perspectives different from their own. In fulfilling the objectives of the course, the students will develop their powers of expression, both in oral and written communication, as they practice the skills involved in writing and speaking in a variety of styles and situations. Students enrolled in this course must take the IB exam at their own expense.


Passing Grade for Both Semesters of IB English A: Literature HL-11 and Fulfillment of IB Assessments

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