HN Shaping the Modern World I

Honors Shaping the Modern World I addresses four fundamental questions for select regions of the world: 1) Who are the people of this region?, 2) Why are the people of the region who they are?, 3) How is each region interconnected?, and 4) What are the modern challenges of this region? To answer these critical questions, four themes will be explored in each region: culture, physical geography, politics, and economics. Regions to be studied include North America, Europe, and Russia. Students will continue their prior study of U.S. history through an integrated exploration of the U.S. and world, post-1945. The honors-level student should be recommended for the course by their eighth grade social studies teacher and should consider that the course will more deeply cover each topic, require additional readings and research, and will have more emphasis placed on the inquiry approach.


Middle School Recommendation

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