HN Forensic Science

This is a two-semester course based on principles and procedures employed in criminal and civil investigations and introductory analyses performed by forensic scientists. The study of forensics brings together topics students have studied in chemistry, physics, and biology and challenges students to think “outside the box” and apply what they have learned to a variety of situations. This course is meant for motivated juniors and seniors who have completed or are concurrently enrolled in physics. In this course, students will apply the techniques that professionals use to identify and collect evidence, analyze and compare it, and use the results to locate criminal perpetrators. This course will take you from the crime scene to the laboratory to the courtroom. This course utilizes lecture, laboratory activities and experiments, case study analyses, and mock crime scenarios. Additional topics covered in honors forensic science include forensic anthropology, forensic entomology, blood spatter analysis, ballistics, forensic toxicology, advanced topics in DNA and digital and computer forensic science.


Biology, Chemistry and Concurrently Taking Physics

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