College in High School Statistics

College in High School Statistics is a College in High School course (Math 0200) offered through a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh. Though not required, students have the opportunity, for a fee, to earn 4 college math credits while still in high school. In this course, students will learn how to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data in order to reliably answer questions that are relevant to their world. As students study topics such as data collection, probability, and data analysis, they will learn to recognize when statistics are being used misleadingly and will be able to argue for or against conclusions drawn from statistical models. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts studied through project-based assessments incorporating surveys and simulations. Students will make use of statistical software, including the graphing calculator and spreadsheets. For 12th-grade students, Algebra 2 must have been completed.


11th Grade: Teacher Recommendation and Passing Grades for Both Semesters in Algebra 2, 12th Grade: Passing Grades for Both Semesters in Algebra 2

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