AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

AP Physics C is a calculus based two-semester physics course dealing mainly with the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism. This course is highly suggested for any student that would like to pursue a career in science, math, or engineering. This course will primarily center on problem solving strategies in addressing both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Laboratory and computer activities will supplement this problem-solving focus. This course is designed to prepare the student to take the AP Physics ""C"" Examination. A detailed and mathematically rigorous treatment of electricity and magnetism will be presented. The required calculus will be taught at the beginning of the year. Calculus will be used freely in both developing theory and solving problems. A TI-89 calculator is highly recommended for use in this course. Students taking this rigorous course may select to take the course as pass/fail after conferencing with the instructor at the end of the semester. A grade of P/F will count towards graduation credit but not affect GPA.


Past or Concurrent Math Course: HN FST or Higher

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