Intercultural Studies II (S)

Intercultural Studies I and Intercultural Studies II, independent one-semester courses, are interdisciplinary courses open to students in grades 9-12. These courses look at intercultural studies from the perspective of culture and language, teaching students skills that they need in order to cooperate, to compete, and to succeed in today’s multicultural and multilingual world economy. Students will learn through discussions, visual media, games, simulations, speakers, and field site visits. These courses will be helpful to students interested in culture, business, art, current events, technology/media, and the exploration of future careers. Intercultural Studies I will focus on global awareness, the concept of culture, local diversity, and cultural skills needed for intercultural understanding. Intercultural Studies II will begin with a review of first-semester cross-cultural skills and then continue with new topics such as global challenges; international marketing, the status of women, and international media. Mini-projects based on individual interests will round out both courses.

It is recommended that students completing Intercultural Studies I take Intercultural Studies II in the spring semester of any year. Students with aspiring global aspirations/interests can also choose the 21st Century Global Affairs from the Social Studies Department as a follow-up to either Intercultural Studies course.



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