IB Visual Arts SL-12

The one year intensive advanced IB Visual Art course has three main assessment tasks: The Comparative Study (20%), the Process Portfolio (40%) and the Exhibition (40%). For the Comparative Study, students analyze and compare artworks by different artists. This independent critical and contextual investigation explores artworks, objects and artifacts from differing cultural contexts over 10-15 slides of a presentation. For the Process Portfolio, students will create a 9-18 page slides presentation that shows evidence of experimentation in required different art media. Students will also create 4-7 pieces of studio work of their exhibition along with a curatorial rationale and exhibition texts. The selected pieces should show evidence of their technical accomplishment during the visual arts course and an understanding of the use of materials, ideas and practices appropriate to visual communication. While not required, it is highly recommended that students taking IB Visual Arts SL have previous studio arts class experience at the high school level due to the course requirements.

Please be advised there is an external assessment fee for this course.


Strongly recommended to have taken an art course at the high school level.